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"Uma obra de arte não responde a perguntas. Ela as provoca." ~ Leonard Breinstein
Furniture with History

There was a time when antique furniture was forgotten, left behind, without history or purpose. It was in this context that André, founder of Cathedra, decided to create something unique, something that would give new life to furniture and, at the same time, transform lives.


The name "Cathedra" was chosen not just as a brand, but as an expression of its vision: furniture that tells stories, that brings with it a rich past and a sustainable footprint. Cathedra's core concept is built around two fundamental pillars: Zero Stock and ESG shares.


In addition to transforming furniture, Cathedra dreams of creating "Casa Antônio Baiano". This space not only supports collectors and homeless people, but also serves as a Furniture Restoration School, with volunteer teachers. The future envisions the legalization of antique/used furniture stores and the creation of an NGO.

Furniture, Antiques, Restoration, Antique furniture store, Furniture restoration.

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